Limited Lifetime Warranty Details

Guarantee for life on head structural failures of any kind including welds, materials, and shot leakage.

Warranty does not include misuse of the tool for example: using the handle as a pry bar, hitting an object with the neck joint, using the hammer outside of temperature ratings, etc.

No warranty on the hammer face poly as it’s a wear spot.  We can guarantee that our faces will last longer than anything else on the market! 

Our warranty does not include costs to replace damaged or failed components due to the use of our product.

If a warranty defect is found, we will replace the product free of charge, not including shipping.

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What temperatures can the hammers take?

The high temperature range is +40degC (104degF).

The low temp range is -40degC (-40degF). Polyurethane gets brittle at low temperatures and can break apart easily in extreme cold when struck against an object.

Because our Canadian winters are tough we formulated our polyurethane to withstand cold better than our competitors. We've seen warning labels on competitors hammers not to use at -23degC (-10degF)!

Does Moisture affect my hammers?

Yes, moisture can affect your hammers because polyurethane by nature absorbs moisture from the environment. Care should be taken to keep your hammers in a dry environment.

Why isn't the hammer face a warranty item?

The nature of hammer use is striking the face and while we make the toughest dead blow around, it’s normal for the face to show some wear over time. One thing we know for sure is that our faces last longer than anything on the market!

Are your hammers sold in stores?

YES! We have an extensive dealer network in Canada and you can ask for a dealer near you by emailing sales@impactpolyhammers.com

Do the hammers come in other colors?

We have tried many other colors but our orange stands out the best in work areas. The one exception to orange is our 12 lb sledge which is red so you can tell it apart from the 15 lb sledge that is almost identical in dimensions.

My hammer has some small bubbles in it, will this affect its performance?

The nature of hot cast polyurethane (versus injection molded which isn't as tough) is that some small air pockets can get trapped in the mold. Don't worry, small bubbles are normal and will not affect performance.

Why are dead blow hammers better than other soft faced hammers?

With the steel frame in our dead blow hammers, you can get a decent striking force on an object. Rubber mallets are solid rubber so it absorbs too much impact. Brass faced hammers are good but the face isn’t soft enough to not damage the base material. Dead blows are the perfect combination of soft faces and strong frames.

How do I become a dealer?

If you are a tool retailer and want to sell our hammers, you can email sales@impactpolyhammers.com to apply. We sometimes have dealers in the same region but we try to make sure they both sell to different types of customers, for example: a construction tool dealer and a manufacturing tool dealer.

Why does my new hammer look shiny and feel a bit slippery?

In order to remove the hammer from our metal molds, we apply a mold release agent. We leave the mold release on the hammers as it helps lower the static cling the new hammers have. The mold release will wear off quickly with use but if you want to speed up the process you can use mild soap and water. The hammer grip will end up having the same feel as a wooden handle (without all of the drawbacks of a wooden handle!)