About Us

Impact Poly Hammers was founded by Troy Erler in 1997 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Troy, a talented machinist, was making complex steel molds at a polyurethane plant when he got annoyed by the poor quality of dead blow hammers he was using to seat parts into his milling machine vises.

Troy, along with his parents, worked tirelessly for 25 years to create the extensive product line we have today. Sharon shipped out hammers and did all the accounting for many years. Troy's father manned the band saw while Troy welded hammers on the bench next to him. It was the small family team that built this business and kept it going for so long. Troy, who has a keen eye for quality, always jokes that it was his mom who actually set the extremely high quality standards we still use today! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree I suppose.

Impact has always had a true entrepreneurial spirit and many prototypes and product variations have occurred over the years. As Troy was looking towards retirement he met a company that also shared his drive and spirit called Lean Machine Metal Fabrication Inc. out of Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

In late 2023, Impact Poly Hammers was sold to Lean Machine who will continue producing the best hammers in the world and is excited to bring new products to the very loyal Impact customers.