Hammering the Competition


True dead blow performance with incredible service life

Lifetime Warranty

Our 100% fully welded steel construction is guaranteed to last the life of the hammer. No steel shot will ever leak out of our hammers.

Warranty Details

Safe for Sensitive Areas

Dead blow hammers are used in many situations some of which are especially sensitive to contamination. Large engines, transmissions and nuclear power plants are just a few such situations. In some cases the loss of steel shot into equipment can be disasterous. Even under the most extreme service, we are confident our Impact Poly Hammers dead blow hammers  all welded, steel shot filled heads will not split or leak steel shot into our customers  equipment or work environment.

Longest Lasting

This hammer was used everyday for 10 years to bash hot steel and it's still going. We properly bond the polyurethane to the steel frame so even a small cut won't affect the integrity of the hammer.

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More Power

Our head design makes sure the internal shot can move freely for maximum force transfer. Our head tube to handle design eliminates having the handle block shot movement in the head tube while giving the strongest connection in the industry.

Less Fatigue on operators

Our design is a true dead blow and does not have any bounce.