Professional Grade Dead Blow Hammers

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No matter how tough your job is, these hammers won't let you down!

Safe for You and Safe for Your Equipment

Safety is our #1 priority and the last thing you the professional wants to worry about is injury due to poor tools. Impact hammers are safe by design by ensuring pieces of the tool cannot come apart easily. Using Impact hammers you will see less fatigue on your joints so you don't have to worry about your career and life later on.

Equipment protection is key as inferior hammers can contaminate, dent, scratch, and ruin your job. Impact hammers help you get the job done right without expensive repair bills from customer's damaged components.

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Lifetime Warranty

What happened to LIFETIME meaning LIFETIME??? Our 100% fully welded steel construction is guaranteed to last the life of the hammer. No steel shot will ever leak out of our hammers. Other hammers say "lifetime" but what they expect is that you are going to stop your job and contact them to exchange your hammer for a new one. Lifetime should really mean lifetime and not let you down in the process.

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Loaded with Features

Free-flow head = MORE POWER!

Heavy Duty Steel - twice the thickness of most hammers and fully welded end caps.

Commercial Grade Hot Cast Poly - harder to manufacture but you can hit the corner of a shaft and it will be protected. Wider temperature range so you can use your tools outside.

Bonded Polyurethane - Poly stays intact with the steel frame so no handle twisting or large strips peeling off.

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  • Mitch via Facebook

    Best damn hammers there are. Extremely durable. Had mine for 15 years and no chipping on the end!!

  • Last Best Tool via YouTube

    IMPACT Poly Hammers: A welcome dead blow from the north. Loads of sizes. Top performance. Orange!

  • Leeland in Regina

    Stanley, Snap-On, Jet. They all have the dead-blow hammers, but nobody has anything like the Impact product – it outlasts every other one. The Milwaukee product is not even close. One guy I know went through 12 Snap-On hammers in the same year. He has now had an Impact hammer for 7 to 8 months and he says it is hardly nicked.