Our Hammer Line

The Impact Hand Held Series

The perfect set for handling the day to day requirements of tradesmen and hobbyists.
14 oz.
20 oz.
36 oz.
52 oz.

Impact Sledge Series

6LB. Mini sledge (shown)
10Lb. IPH Sledge
12LB. IPH Sledge
15LB. IPH Sledge
13.5LB IPH U/S Sledge
17LB. IPH U/S Sledge
When heavy hitting is required
Can reduce work place noise

Wood Worker Series The hammer that doesn't dent or mar wood!

34oz. Wood Workers Hammer

The truly remarkable 34oz. Wood Worker series Dead Blow Hammer
is cast from a special cut resistant urethane, which allows this hammers
rectangular face to be struck amazingly hard against both finished and
unfinished wood surfaces. These hammers can be used during assembly
Operations and on wood projects without causing
damage to those surfaces, profiles or finishes being struck. Dead blow
performance means work pieces that are struck together stay together.
The 34oz is the perfect weight for most jobs around the wood crafts
mans shop!

Over the years many of our Wood Working and cabinet making
customers have mentioned to us, just how awesome they
think their wood friendly Dead Blow hammer really is.
It is always a pleasure to hear them mention... How did I manage
All those years before I had one ?

Limited production Impact IPH U/S Sledge Series 13.5lb. And 17lb.

Combination Urethane and tool steel faces means you now you only need 1 sledge in the service truck!
Head is CNC machined from en30B round stock and heat treated to 50 rc
Features tapered bore for steel shot focusing providing unsurpassed driving power when using steel face
Anti vibration spring steel inner handle with crash resistant heavily gusseted neck
95d durometer 1 1/8" thick urethane face
Amathane boded urethane
Flat topped head allows sledge to be
Stood up.
The ultimate sledge hammer!