Why are Dead Blow Hammers used ?

Dead blow hammers are used in a wide variety of situations. Mainly they are used where  objects are required to be struck, tapped, hit, driven or moved into a desired position, but where no denting, distortion, damage or marring to the object being struck is required or desired . These special hammers are intended to be used during assembly and disassembly of virtually every type of machinery, equipment and objects.

 Over their lifespan, high quality Dead Blow Hammers can literally prevent  thousands of dollars in damages from happening  to machinery in day to day assembly/disassembly or maintenance operations. 

Completely encapsulated dead blow hammers are often used in no spark environments for safety reasons. 

Who uses Dead blow Hammers?

  • Machinists                                                    
  • Log home builders/ timber framers
  • Millwrights                                                   
  • Guitar makers
  • Auto mechanics                                           
  • Auto assembly
  • Heavy equipment mechanics                    
  • Metal fabricators
  • Agricultural mechanics                              
  • Bicycle mechanics
  • Motorcycle mechanics                               
  • Atlantic fishing boats for de icing
  • Factory assembly workers
  • Heavy construction
  • Oil field service
  • Cabinet makers
  • Furniture making and assembly
  • Home owners
  • Mining industry
  • Fertilizer handling
  • Bridge building 

Why are more Canadian tradesmen choosing Impact Poly Hammers?

  • Impact Poly Hammers  are 100% Alberta/ Canadian/North American made
  • Our Dead Blow Hammers are offered in a wide range of useful sizes for virtually all tradesmen
  • Unsurpassed durability 
  • Unsurpassed driving power
  • Unsurpassed value
  • True dead blow performance
  • Excellent balance
  • Competitively priced
  • Quick delivery

Why all welded construction?

 Dead blow hammers are used in many situations some of which are especially sensitive to contamination. Large engines, transmissions and nuclear power plants are just a few such situations. In some cases the loss of steel shot into equipment can be disasterous. Even under the most extreme service, we are confident our Impact Poly Hammers dead blow hammers  all welded, steel shot filled heads will not split or leak steel shot into our customers  equipment or work environment.